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Di post kapan hari itu aku pernah bilang kalau aku lagi ikutan lomba cerpen di Portal Novel, ya kan? Nah, cerpennya sekarang sudah dipajang dan bisa dibaca!

Blog Portal Novel ulang tahun ketiga tahun ini, dan mereka, seperti biasa, mengadakan lomba cerpen dengan hadiah yang, uhwow, alhamdulillah deh kalau menang. Nah, berhubung aku sudah ikutan, bantuin aku untuk menang, yuk?



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(This review written in two languages // Resensi ini ditulis dalam dua bahasa)



5 stars out of 5

A sob racks Echo’s body, and she slams her hand over her mouth to prevent it, but it doesn’t stop. Her entire body shudders, and she wipes at the tears as if that one act will wipe away the pain she’s been harboring since her brother died. 

“Then what will bring them back?” Echo begs. “Because I’m terrified to go forward thinking that this is what it feels like to lose, and going forward means that I’ll always lose something. I can’t lose like this again. I can’t!”

If you have read Pushing The Limits, then you’ll know what’s been going on with these kids. Echo Emerson and Noah Hutchins are not your everyday teenagers. Both of them scarred, both of them have this heavy past that sometimes could drag them back. But in each other, they find peace. Now their new journey starts here.  (more…)

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After I read, I always review the book. Sometimes on AmazonB&N, even on iTunes. I always review books on Goodreads, though, so you don’t have to ask me that.

But I never review books here, unless it’s for , you know, contests and stuff. I keep thinking, should I start posting book reviews here? I’m so not good at writing long reviews. Both in my language or in English. I tend to be moody and only review books by its lacking. Especially if the plot, or the characters, pissed me off.

Actually, I am kinda good at writing long review, only if I love the book. Though sometimes if I love it too much, I just write, “it’s perfect, nothing else matters. Period.” Well, what can I say? Books does make you speechless, especially when you have a moment like, after you’re drowning in it and come up the surface, you still can’t breathe (just like after reading Kristen Ashley‘s books. Mama mia!). I have that moment a lot. :)

I don’t know, I’m still not sure about it. Even if I can write book reviews here, will I be committed and keep doing it? Because writing reviews on Goodreads already taking my time, and those reviews are short. So yeah, this is my biggest concern right now. Hmm. Should I start posting book reviews here?

What do you think, guys?

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