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..In this case my passion for reading. I don’t know if you’ve ever met me in person but, from the outside, I guarantee you that I don’t look like someone who have this, burning passion for books. I look normal, like your usual Indonesian girl who don’t dress to impress; simple but (at least I try to be) cute. I certainly don’t go out with my bookworm attires like, I don’t know, custom white shirt with “I like Big Books and I Can Not Lie” written across the chest, accompanied with too-big soft sweater like you’re ready to be snuggled with while reading, or canvas tote bag with cool quote in it, or fangirl necklaces, even though I do have some. Basically I look plain. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get all freaky when I saw piles of used books on sale.  (more…)


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