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Because everybody needs their

own space once in a while.

Space to breathe,

to think, to sing,

to run, to mourn,

to be horny, to fuck with someone else’s mind,

to laugh, to be in love,

to stop pretending and to feel numb.

Because everybody’s not available all the time.

They’re not dumb.

I am not.

It’s not my job to please you, maybe

it’s yours.

I want to breathe, think, sing, run, mourn, horny, fucking someone else’s mind, laugh, falling in love, stop pretending and feeling numb at the same time.

In my own space.

And in my space, there’ll be no you.


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Ketuk saja jendelaku,

karena cintaku tak berpintu.

Suatu hari tiba dan pintu biru terbeli.

Aku tertawa dan terus menanti.

Tak ada ketukan, tak ada sentuhan.

Pintu biru usang dan terbuang

lalu kau datang.

Ketuk saja jendelaku.

karena cintaku masih menunggu.

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It’s like locking yourself in the closet.

This is common but,

you knew what it felt like.

A darkness where you can’t see

or hear anything

and it presses down on you and fills every

hole with blackness

until you’re choking.

You can’t

breathe or think

or close your eyes

because it’s already black. And you don’t know

how much time goes by.

It feels like years.

You’re sick.

You’re dying.

Or maybe, you’re already dead?

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