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I’ve never been happier and content. Maybe sometimes I forget that but when I’m sitting alone in my little cubicle in the office, my mind can’t help but wander back to last year. Last year was tough. Even the year before. Things were good but also bad at the same time. I don’t think I’m a different person, but maybe I am. Who knows. Maybe you know it. I feel that I matured a bit and I feel that even though I still feel helpless at certain things, I’m able to get a handle of myself and stand still; it’s something that I couldn’t do back then.  (more…)


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Why Romance?

Pertanyaan ini sudah beberapa kali ditanyakan ke aku; yea mostly by my mom, kenapa kok kamu bacanya cerita roman mulu? Terutama belakangan ini, sekitar 3 tahun terakhir, lah.

I’m not gonna lie and I’m not bragging at all, tapi pas aku, taruhlah umur 16 tahunan, bacaan yang kulahap genrenya sangat variatif. I’ve read Winnetou, like the entire series. Aku juga baca Lord of the Rings satu seri sekaligus walaupun kadang nggak mudeng dengan bahasanya yang ‘cantik’. I also cried over It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. La terus kenapa kok sekarang yang dibaca kalo nggak romance, ya romance?


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What a Dork

I was checking out my old writings; stuff I wrote years ago. And let me tell you, I’m both mortified and proud at myself. Some of the those writings are so good it’s a shame I haven’t post it anywhere else. But the rest? So darn cheesy I can’t even. >< (more…)

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