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I’ve never been happier and content. Maybe sometimes I forget that but when I’m sitting alone in my little cubicle in the office, my mind can’t help but wander back to last year. Last year was tough. Even the year before. Things were good but also bad at the same time. I don’t think I’m a different person, but maybe I am. Who knows. Maybe you know it. I feel that I matured a bit and I feel that even though I still feel helpless at certain things, I’m able to get a handle of myself and stand still; it’s something that I couldn’t do back then.  (more…)


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I know, I know. Berapa hari ini kok update blog-nya reading challeeeeeeeenge mulu. Well, can’t help it. Namanya aja awal tahun, segala macem harus dimulai dari awal, bukan? Tehehe.

Tahun ini sepertinya aku bakal ikut dua RC (lagi), sama seperti tahun lalu. Satu RC mandatory-nya Goodreads dan satu lagi, kali ini dari blog yang berbeda, blog-nya Kak Nina, The Bookadict Diaries.  As usual, durasi reading challenge ini adalah setahun penuh, mulai 1 Januari sama 31 Desember. So yep, aku sudah selesai baca dua buku so far and I’m pretty proud of myself because I’m on track. *diliat aje beberapa bulan lagi*  (more…)

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..In this case my passion for reading. I don’t know if you’ve ever met me in person but, from the outside, I guarantee you that I don’t look like someone who have this, burning passion for books. I look normal, like your usual Indonesian girl who don’t dress to impress; simple but (at least I try to be) cute. I certainly don’t go out with my bookworm attires like, I don’t know, custom white shirt with “I like Big Books and I Can Not Lie” written across the chest, accompanied with too-big soft sweater like you’re ready to be snuggled with while reading, or canvas tote bag with cool quote in it, or fangirl necklaces, even though I do have some. Basically I look plain. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get all freaky when I saw piles of used books on sale.  (more…)

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