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I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really take people seriously. Well, other than my family or friends, no. I can be condescending sometimes and most of the times, I’m simply a smartalec—but only on the inside, since I’m too chicken shit to be sarcastic.

Back to the point, again, I don’t really take people seriously and by that I mean, sometimes I just can’t relate to people’s circumstances. But at the same time, I can empathize so deep it’ll mark me, mark my soul.

I *secretly* laughed at people’s expense though in my defense I know people also laugh at me before and I take no offense in that. I don’t really mind because at the end of the day, what’s so bad about being the butt of a joke once in a while? So yeah. (more…)


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We’re back. Dan seperti yang sudah aku ceritakan sebelumnya, tahun ini aku bookslump-nya gila-gilaan. 2016 tinggal kurang lebih 2 bulan lagi dan Goodreads RC-ku blas belom selesai. Nyentuh angka 200 aja nggak (re: targetnya 333 buku). *sigh*
Tapi nggak apa lah, toh yang bikin aku kalah juga diriku sendiri. Muehehe. At least I’m still reading; just not neatly reviewing them like I used to. >< (more…)

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What a Dork

I was checking out my old writings; stuff I wrote years ago. And let me tell you, I’m both mortified and proud at myself. Some of the those writings are so good it’s a shame I haven’t post it anywhere else. But the rest? So darn cheesy I can’t even. >< (more…)

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